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Optimizing cash at a Managed ATM Services company

Advanced data analysis and machine learning were used to optimize operations and the supply chain, resulting in significant savings for a client who manages and services over 45,000 ATMs in the US.

2023-06-01Data Analysis, Machine Learning

Contract Risk Mitigation using Generative AI

Achieved a significant reduction in financial risk associated with contract ambiguities and complexities by introducing a customized Generative AI model. This tailored Language Learning Model (LLM) was designed to quickly summarize, detect, and highlight potential contract risks.

2023-05-06Machine Learning, Data Management, Data Analysis, Work Transformation - Enterprise

Production optimization at food manufacturer

Real-time data extract from the production line was used to rapidly generate fact-based operational insights and drive business process changes. This resulted in a consistent increase in machine availability and daily average production within a few months.

2023-05-06Machine Learning, Data Management, Data Analysis

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